Testimonials from our Fake University and Fake Diploma Customers

The following testimonials written by some of our satisfied customers. Remember, these are not paid testimonials!
These are all spontaneous responses from customers after receiving our products.

I was shocked when I received my fake transcript from another site, you are so much better than any other fake online degree website, I feel like an idiot for not purchasing from you guys in the first place, and also thanks for giving a discount to my friend for his second order.

Cynthia B, Louisiana

After spending so much money on a raised gold foil seal, I was shocked at what I received from other diploma sites, not only did they intentionally misspell the name of my university the seal was nothing like the original, anyway thank god I found u guys cuss u might be the only ones who create novelty fake diplomas just like the original, my only complaint is why don’t u advertise more cuss u would have saved me a bundle if I found your site first.

Audrey B, London, UK

First of all thank you sooo very much for getting me out of a total jam, I still cant believe you guys emailed me the proofs of my fake college diploma within 24 hours and although the actual documents took sometime to arrive it was worth the wait.

Wendell, Florida

D u guys know that other online fake degree providers deliberately change the name of the university, I was so sure that u guys also do the same thing, hence the reason for the 1000 odd questions and thank you for putting up with that, finally the package arrived and the fake transcripts look great and looks just like the original.

Leanna J, Australia

I was almost swayed by a fake diploma review not to purchase from you guys buy took a chance considering the good quality customer service I have received, I am so glad that I did decide to go with you guys as the replica diplomas that I purchased from your site are 1000 times better than what I got from another website who claim to be the market leader 🙂

Mubarak, Yugoslavia

I certainly must say that if you want authentic fake diploma you guys are the best in the business. I got the fake college diplomas done and was pretty impressed with it’s quality and let me again thank you for putting up with my numerous queries before the order.

Bianca M, Birmingham

You guys are the best. I never thought I’d get a fake certificate as good as the one you guys made. Thanks a lot! I cant believe how realistic it looks compared to the original and just to note I will be referring many customers to you in the future.

John A, Wales

I wasn’t quite sure whether these guys can reproduce a certificate from an Irish University, but I went ahead and placed an order. As requested I sent them a scanned image of the document I wanted. I am surprised and very pleased with the result I got. Nice work guys!

Patrick, Niger

Thanks guys! The custom made fake diploma I got was absolutely stunning I say this because it is now framed and proudly displayed on my desk at work; nobody even guessed it was a fake…

Kimberly R, Mozambique

Nothing to complain about your products. They are all good. I must compliment on your customer service as well. Glad to see that your running this in a professional manner. Keep us the good work and Good Luck! for the future

Quintana G, France

I can’t believe it you guys have done the greatest job on my transcripts, after I provided you with the proofs I never thought it would come out this great it looks exactly like my original expect for the 4.0 gpa, so its better than the original.

Francisca L, New Brunswick

I wanted to say my compliments to you guys for my order- I fooled everyone with your fake college degree, my friends and my family. I was able to show a degree and everyone is happy they took pics of me with it and everything. My money is indeed well spent, and the fact that the actual seal was used too, cool again thanks, I got the thing into a frame and it looks even more sweet.

Brian S, South Africa

I just cant believe it! The fake diplomas are exactly like the original and the transcript attached is as good as an original, I know this for a fact cuss I compared it with my friends. This is definitely going to help me when I apply for my Doctorate. Thank you so very much for the wonderful job you did.

Freddy, Malaysia

This site was recommended to me by a friend and and was persuaded to try after I saw the degree that she had received from your site. I’m glad to say that it was the right choice. The novelty fake degree that I got was an exact copy of the original one, even I couldn’t make out the difference.

Dominique P, Chile

What can I say you guys are the greatest and let me congratulate you first for having the best customer service. The diploma I ordered is as authentic as I would have hoped and I’ve already made the order for the matching transcripts, so a job well done guys!!!

Gustavo F, Spain

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the great job you did on my replacement diploma and the accompanying transcripts. The fake college diploma I bought from you is the same as the original document, I know this for a fact as I compared it with my friends original diploma and transcript.

Clive m, Hungary





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For the prices you guys charge your fake documents are excellent. They are as good as the originals and I must say that I was initially hesitant to place an order but I took a chance and placed an order and I’m glad that I did and thank you for proving me wrong.

Bonny L, Switzerland

I haven’t tried to get a fake degree before so I dont know about other sites, but the one I got from your site is very good. I am pleased with it’s quality and appearance. I advice others to try this site also.

Stephen N, California

Your customer service efforts should be commended. From what I’ve heard other sites do not bother much about the customers after they get their money. Thank you for running a professional site that offers such great products.

Raj P, Sri Lanka

I really enjoy your prompt response and courteous manner of doing business, also you professionalism when it comes to business, customer service and quality. Customer satisfaction is very important and is rarely taken into account these days.

Dastio B, Singapore

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